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Christie Gibson

My passion for natural healing came to me as a child, although I did not realize it at that time. Constantly seeing my father take supplements, and maintain a small vegetable garden so we had fresh vegetables in our salad for Sunday dinners made a strong impression on me. Dad showed by example a more natural and preventative overall approach to personal health.

In college, my core curriculum was in Health. And now, being invited to share in this opportunity with Wise Owl Apothecary to help provide a way to educate people with a viable source so “old” but so new is ultimately what I’ve been lead to do through the course of my life and work experience.

I look forward to educating and working with people on this positive journey of making a difference!

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Lauren Walker-Stevens

I am an Independent Distributor of a product that I truly believe in.  I care about others well being and I want to help. This is such a new and exciting journey for me and a new market that is exploding with possibilities!   

“Experience The Phenomenon”

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Cell: 517.290.1447

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Lori Penton-shields

I have been involved with non-profit organizations and the healthcare field for several decades and have a Bachelors of Science degree.

My interest in serving the community to provide essential healthcare education and awareness arises from loved ones who have experienced chronic and life-threatening illnesses on their journey in life. 


Currently, I am educating and introducing the benefits of healthcare solutions provided by nature; assisting with the bodys ability to boost its immune system and the possibilities of complementing current medical applications.    

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Cell: 517.862.6769

Kymee's bio pic.jpg

Kymee Scott

My two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor November 2019. She underwent surgery 11/25/2019 and had 90% of it removed. Then she started chemotherapy. Her body had an allergic reaction and she was hospitalized twice after treatment. I began using Wise Owl products as a remedy for her side effects, and since beginning the CBD, her tumor has not grown at all.

I am a believer in these products because I've seen what they can do. I'm proud to say we are now only using Wise Owl products to treat and shrink the remaining tumor. I had to get involved to help advocate and spread the word of the goodness of nature's medicine!

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Cell: 517.215.9050

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