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"This past December I experienced one of the most painful and debilitating flares of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in over 10 years. I could barely walk and my hands/arms were going numb every evening. I could not hold onto anything.  My hands hurt constantly. The ever-present "mind fog" and pain made it difficult to think clearly. After beginning use of the 500mg CBD oil, within days the pain began subsiding, mobility returned, even hip pain was gone. My hands finally stopped hurting and for the first time since diagnosis years ago, I experienced total clarity without fogginess. My husband has used this oil for deep cuts and sore throat with instant pain relief. My nephew has used the oil for epileptic seizures and it has eliminated their frequency. "

-Lori P.

"I am a 56-year-old, 6’3”, 220-pound man and have suffered from pain, lack of concentration, inability to focus, lethargy and PTSD associated from an accident almost 2 years ago.  I fell 10 feet, landing on a hardwood floor and laid unbeknownst to anyone for 8+ hours sustaining life altering injuries to include 13 broken ribs, 2 broken vertebra in my back, a head injury, a compound fracture of my right thumb, collapsed lungs, a dislocated shoulder and multiple ligaments pulled in my right knee, with approximately 2 hours left to live as my internal organs had begun to shut down. After a time spent in the hospital and rehabilitation, I was left being prescribed pain medications daily to manage the chronic ailments with little relief. I do not like to take prescribed medications and was looking for an alternative when my wife and friends suggested trying CBD. I began using CBD oil and warming salve on my knees approximately 4 months ago, it has helped tremendously in so many ways and I can feel like myself again. This has truly been a life changer for me as I no longer take any prescribed medications. I tell and educate everyone I know about it now, I am a contractor/excavator a very manual labor-intensive business and have brought so many of my fellow brothers on board with these products. The added surprise effect for me was a drastic reduction in anxiety, depression and help with PTSD."

-Mark S.

Our small dog has anxiety issues and can be very skittish at the slightest sounds.  We began giving her the pet treats. She becomes calm, relaxed and enjoys receiving them. Pets deserve to feel good too! 

- Keven B.

I know there are so many skeptics out there (myself included), Wise Owl is going to blow you away. I have PTSD and struggle with depression. Let me tell you I started with 500mg (recommend the 1,000mg) I took my first dose before bed and the next day I woke up feeling better than I have in YEARS. You need to give it a shot. All you have to do is talk to Kymee Scott. She's got you. Make your order now!


-Emily M.

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