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2oz bottle containing 1,000mg CBD.

Using CBD oil as a daily supplement has been shown to help regulate energy levels, sleep, appetite, pain response, hormones, immune system response, inflammation, anxiety and depression, nausea, cardiovascular function and much more. Our propietary blend also contains the limonene terpene, which has been shown to provide mood elevation, increase energy levels, regulate anxiety and depression, aid the digestive system and promote efficient absorption of other active ingredients. It has also been recognized in cancer studies as a growth inhibitor to tumors and cancer cells.



Ingredient Spotlight: Hemp oil made with CBD isolate has been more extensively refined than other broad- or full-spectrum oils in order to solely contain the isolated CBD molecule. Using hemp oil made with CBD isolate is an effective treatment for ailments without containing any other active cannabinoids or terpenes. Because isolate oils are lacking active terpenes, we add the limonene terpene to our oil.


Ingredients: sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, CBD isolate, limonene, natural flavor.

1,000mg Concentrated Hemp Extract

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